Brook Wingman XB


  • COMPATABLE with NEW XBOX SERIES X/S CONSOLES. Just connect to wired Xbox360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro controller to use. Also supports relevant Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / Switch peripheral accessories.
  • Faster reaction speed and immediate response
  • Lightweight, portable and USB-sized. Full compliance with environmental standards.
  • Support Turbo and Remap Settings
  • Each Wingman XB can only connect to a single device. Wingman XB supports most of the accessories that are compatible with original factory specifications. To expand the number of supported accessories, firmware will be updated irregularly. Wingman XB do not support headset/microphone function provided by a controller audio jack.
  • Please visit Brook website to check whether there is firmware update before using.

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