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Junkfood Custom Arcades



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The LBX is now at production launch!

To order, choose an available window above! Each time window will have a set amount of Micros available. If a window is sold out, select the next one available. The date you're selecting is the beginning of the week when we begin shipping out orders from that window, it is likely you will not receive an update on your order until after that date. New windows will be added as we go.

Features and Specs:

Out of the box the LBX now ships with the Haybox firmware. This will be available to be downloaded and tweaked for customization.

The LBX is compatible with other open-source firmware. We suspect there will be a few options available that will be made to work with with our hardware pinout. 

The LBX comes standard with Kailh Low Profile Red switches but is compatible with other Kailh "Choc" switches. Some of which we have in the store like the Pro Red or White switches. Our custom PCB utilizes hot-swap sockets making changing switches to try out different types a breeze.

Our custom black concave keycaps come standard on the LBX as well as other sets and silencing pads being available in the store. LBX Collection

Comes with a braided 6ft USB-C to GCC cable (for console use) and a nylon mesh 6ft USB C to USB A cable (for pc use)

A separate Brook upgrade will be available (soldering required) in the store. This will add standard console fighting game input options for PS, PC, and more.

Approx: 12.5 x 6 x .5 inches

Approx: 1.5 pounds with standard plate and 3.25 pounds with Heavy Metal plate

Link to full User Manual here.


  • There is a chip shortage it may cause delays, and it also means we are not allowing refunds or cancelations on these orders.
  • We expect the dates above to be fairly accurate for when orders will start shipping, but we are not in complete control of lead times on parts and materials.
  • Unlike the Micro, this does not feature LEDs due to performance and power concerns.
  • The LBX now comes standard with HayBox flashed onto it. The user manual has been updated to account for these changes. Link to the full GitHub here.
  • This is an open-source product. We will make our best effort (and provide a how-to video) to support teaching people how to do firmware installations, but our time is limited. We hope other owners and the community, in general, will embrace this aspect of the device with helpful guidance, tutorials, and firmware options.
  • The input configurations below are based on the out-of-box software.
  • This product comes with a 30-day warranty, for more information see our warranty and policies page.
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