Artwork Case for the Snack Box Micro - PRE-ORDER


This is only the case! Wanting to buy a Micro with the case already installed? Check here instead...

Limited first run! PREORDER NOW - Delivery in approximately 12 weeks

We are bringing artwork to our patent-pending Snack Box Micro case design! This two-part case is injection molded and designed to bring a great artwork experience to the Snack Box Micro! An Artwork template will be officially hosted at Focus Attack but you can get started early by checking for it on our #Micro channel in our discord soon.

If you have an existing Micro, you can move to this case by disassembling and reassembling. The process is easy and our discord is here to help!

For a limited time, add our new CONVEX keycaps to your artwork case order and get a discount!

Notice: this is the first full production run of these and we are at the mercy of the manufacturer. Some delays such as rework or customs may impact the timeline. There are NO RETURNS on this product as we have to plan the quantity needed for the production run. Thanks for your understanding.

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