Artwork Case for the Snack Box Micro


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This is only the artwork case, this will NOT include a pcb/switches/keycaps!

Want to buy a Micro with the case already installed? Follow this

The price of the full case (a base and a top) is $70 for a clear case or $75 for a colored case.

New! Choose a base color and whether you want the whole case or just the base by itself (a great option for those that already own an artwork case and want a cool color)

Colored bases (the bottom half) are available separately in our store for those looking who already own an artwork case but want to add some color.


  • Clear Artwork case top
  • Clear or colored artwork case base
  • Metal plate with non-slip material
  • Screws

We are bringing artwork to our patent-pending Snack Box Micro case design! This two-part case is injection molded and designed to bring a great artwork experience to the Snack Box Micro! An Artwork template is hosted at Focus Attack.

If you have an existing Micro, you can move to this case by disassembling and reassembling. The process is easy and there is a youtube video on how to do it. If you run into any trouble, our discord is here to help!

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