Micro - CONVEX button cap set - PRE-ORDER


Limited first run! PREORDER NOW - Delivery in approximately 12 weeks


These CONVEX buttons are similar in shape to traditional arcade buttons! They have a top that slightly rounds up like a normal Sanwa or Seimitsu button.

These are only available in black and this button works on the Snack Box Micro! Injection molded with a smooth surface in black PBT and designed to bring a legendary arcade feel to the player.

This pre-order includes 1x30mm style button caps, 11x24mm style button caps and 7 of our small control buttons!

Notice: this is the first full production run of these and we are at the mercy of the manufacturer. Some delays such as rework or customs may impact the timeline. There are NO RETURNS on this product as we have to plan the quantity needed for the production run. Thanks for your understanding.

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