Snack Box - Keycap editions (multiple options & colors)

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Introducing our new Snack Box case! 

Durable, colorful and just the right weight for a fight stick! Modular and easy to maintain, this case will last a very long time.

Be sure to pick your layout - Mix style (tilted to 15 degrees) or Kenji (100% full keycaps!), your top color, middle color and bottom color!

All layouts come with Keycap PCBs with hot-swap sockets. Easily try new switches to get just the right feel.


  • 14" wide
  • 9.75" deep
  • 2.5" tall
  • 6.4 lbs
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Top and bottom made from a 1/2" thick shatter-proof thermoplastic
  • Made with Sanwa in mind, but supports a variety of buttons
  • Supports Brook boards
  • Modular - sides, acrylic panels, top and bottom can all be individually replaced and come in multiple colors.
  • Full build and full kit options come with the everything needed for a complete stick (case, Brook PS4 PCB, wiring and Sanwa parts).

There are now even MORE Snack Box OPTIONS available in our store!: