Snack Box V2 - Brook edition 08/28/21


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Celebrate our efforts with Brook to bring great products to life like this special "Brook + JFA" themed V2 build!

This is a complete comfort gap build with a Brook UFB and a UP-5 pre-installed!

We build these by hand using genuine Sanwa parts so order today and get it shipped within the next 3 to 4 weeks!

Tune in to the Core-A gaming twitch channel to watch the Brook invitational event today!



  • Control buttons to each side!
  • Built in caddy for a Brook board!
  • Non-slip pads included for the bottom panel!
  • Height just 1/8” above the V1 slim but the same room inside as our regular V1!
  • Double layer clear acrylic as an option for the middle so you can simply slide in artwork all around!
  • Easy mod floating panels are now sturdier and will not rattle when loose!
  • New “attachment points” allow for 3-d printing accessories that mount to pre-drilled areas!
  • Aluminum corners!
  • Shatter proof top and bottom!
  • Works with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown buttons and  has a JLF style mount
  • Comes with our internal USB adapter with panel mount USB port (save $)!
  • Can add a carrying strap!
  • Can add plexi top for artwork!
  • Lots of color options!


  • 13.75" wide
  • 9.5" deep
  • 2.25" tall
  • 6 lbs
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Top and bottom made from 1/2" thick shatter-proof HDPE
  • Made with Sanwa in mind, but supports a variety of buttons like Seimitsu , Crown, Gamerfinger
  • Supports Brook boards
  • Modular - sides, cast acrylic, top and bottom can all be individually replaced and come in multiple colors
  • Pics and layout templates can be found in our discord
  • Photoshop artwork templates can be found at