Firmware and Flashing

LBX PCB Swap How To
All LBXs are loaded with our Melee firmware which can be found on our Github page. Our firmware is made to be compliant with SWT rulesets but the intent of the LBX is to be compatible with community-made firmware that follows any deemed rule changes. There are other firmware options such as Crane’s CL-FW. Crane is working on a profile in CL-FW for our hardware pinout but it can be made to work now by changing the pinout manually.
Link to full User Manual here.

    How to flash firmware (Arduino IDE)

    Basic Prep

    1. Download the ZIP file of our firmware from our Github page.
    2. Download both the Nicohood Nintendo Library and Arduino Joystick Library.
    3. Download and install Arduino IDE.
    4. Open Arduino IDE and install both libraries by going to Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library > Navigate to the download libraries and add them.



    1.Open the .ino file for the firmware for the respective game you intend to play.
    2.Plug the LBX into your computer with the supplied USB C to USB A cable.
    3. Under “Tools” make sure the selected board is “Arduino Leonardo”.
    4. Select the correct COM port the LBX is using.

    5. Click the upload arrow and wait a few seconds, if the install works properly you should get a “Done Uploading” message at the bottom of the screen.

    Given the install worked properly, the LBX should now be ready to go on your selected game!

    How To Flash Firmware -Dolphin/Slippi Setup

    0. Have the Melee Dinput firmware installed on your LBX. (see 'Basic Prep' above for help)
    1. In your Dolphin install location, navigate to the controller profile folder by going to Sys > Config > Profiles > GCPad.
    2. Drag and drop this LBX.ini file into the folder.
    3. Open Dolphin emulator and navigate to the controller configurator menu.
    4. On port 1 select the configure button.   

      5. In the profile section you should see an LBX profile, select and load that profile.
      6. Inputs should be working and you should be good to go!