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LBX PCB Swap How To

Everything you need to get started comes in the box. Layouts and mapping can be found at the bottom of this page! The LBX is preloaded with our Melee firmware (subject to change). You should find a 6ft USB C to USB A cable for PC use and firmware flashing. Additionally, there will be a  6ft USB C to GCC cable for use on GameCube and Wii (and Wii U and Switch with an adapter). If you're looking to play on Wii U and Switch, we recommend Nintendo Brand GameCube controller adapter or Mayflash 4 port GameCube controller adapter 

Known compatible hardware 

  • - GameCube with supplied USB C to GCC cable
  • - Wii with supplied USB C to GCC cable
  • - Wii U with Nintendo Brand and Mayflash 4 port adapters and supplied USB C to GCC cable
  • - Nintendo Switch with Nintendo Brand and Mayflash 4 port adapters and supplied USB C to GCC cable 
  • PC with Dinput firmware and supplied USB C to USB A cable


By default, the LBX comes with our custom concave keycaps preinstalled but is compatible with all our other colors and types. Other keycaps options can be found here, on the LBX collection page of our website. 

Tip: For mixed sets, you can order 2 of our Micro keycap sets (this will leave you with 1 extra 24mm cap, 2 30mm caps, and 14 options pegs leftover)


By default, the LBX has Kailh Low Profile Red V1 switches installed, these are a 50g linear switch. The LBX is compatible with all other Kailh Low Profile V1 or Kailh Choc V1 switches. We also carry Red Pro (35g Linear) and White (50g Clicky) switches in our store but there are many other options out there, we encourage you to find your favorite!

Note: The LBX is not compatible with MX-style switches.


All LBXs are loaded with our Melee firmware which can be found on our Github page. Our firmware is made to be compliant with SWT rulesets but the intent of the LBX is to be compatible with community-made firmware that follows any deemed rule changes. There are other firmware options, visit this page for a guide on firmware and flashing.