EZPH board for the Raion


Update: These have been flipped to allow better mounting. They are also now purple and available with the 20 pin and JST connectors installed!

This is a board for those with a soldering iron and an interest in pad-hacking.

The board easily lines up with the Razer Raion controller PCB and, with minimal soldering, allows you to fully move an existing wired fight stick to native PS5 play & a standard 20 pin cable.

Some connectors will be provided if they are in stock at the PCB manufacturer when we order them. Otherwise, just source some on Amazon or your favorite connector source (Digikey/Mouser/LCSC/Etc...)

This product is just a bit of fun for the average DIYer, no warranties or any other quality/safety assertions are implied.

We may make changes to future batches based on feedback.