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Junkfood Custom Arcades

Micro Concave Keycaps - Yellow

Micro Concave Keycaps - Yellow

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Our JFA keycaps are here! These are injection molded and special care has been taken in the design to ensure they offer the feel of a traditional arcade button, even though they are not one! These super tough keycaps are made from PBT and have a wonderful micro-texture on the surface. Perfect for sliding and tapping!

You need to remove the mechanical switches from the PCB in order to properly swap/replace your keycaps.


  • 11 of our 24mm keycaps
  • 1 of our 30mm keycaps
  • 7 colored pegs for the control features of your Micro

Add our optional silencing pads and start your journey of key switch silencing mods!

*pictures show these keycaps installed on a Snack Box™ Micro™

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