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The Snack Box Micro is now permanently available in our store!

To order, choose an available window above!

Each time window will have a set amount of Micros available. If a window is sold out, select the next one available.  The first window will ship out in 6 weeks and every following window will add 4 weeks to the ship out time. New windows will be added as we go.

THERE MAY BE DELAYS THIS YEAR THAT ARE OUT OF OUR CONTROL. We do not offer refunds on this item.

This product combines the best of Brook with our awesome Snack Box case materials in a unique design! Our LED system allows some cool features that others can't provide. The hot swap linear mechanical buttons are based on Kailh linear switches and put excellent performance at your finger tips. 

  • Support for PC / PS3 / PS4 / Switch!
  • PS5 support is "likely but unconfirmed/being worked on by Brook". It will require a hardware add-on, so a return and upgrade fee may be required when the PS5 solution is ready. 
  • More information on PS5 plans are located on our Discord
  • Button LEDs and the ability to customize LED settings - including a "dark mode" for you vampires!
  • Braided micro USB cable!
  • Non-slip pad with our logo!
  • Approx 10”x 5”x 1/2”
  • Uses custom linear mechanical buttons based on Kailh Choc switches that can be hot swapped. These were made in coordination with Layershift - makers of the ODIN fightstick accessory.
  • 6 buttons are provided for all the standard PS4 style menu control inputs.
  • A 7th control button to adjust and save LED settings (default animation, brightness, color on button press and more...)
  • Check out our Discord for help with the LEDs
  • Micro Firmware Update - Junkfood Custom Arcades (


PURCHASING ADDITIONAL ITEMS IN THE STORE MAY DELAY YOUR MICRO ORDER. We recommend purchasing accessories separately unless you are saving on shipping.

Disclaimer: This is not a toy and is not appropriate for children under the age of 12. Also, since this controller has hot swappable parts that are intended to be removed, please keep away from small children.