Snack Box Mini Pre Order - ICEBALL Edition (Noir style)

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This is a pre-order for the Snack Box mini. 


Our ICEBALL Edition comes fully built and includes:


  • BLUE Metallic Sanwa buttons in our standard Noir layout
  • BLUE Metallic Sanwa ball top
  • Black top & bottom
  • Blue middle layer with 3 buttons on the side
  • Black rear panel for the 3 rear control buttons & USB connector
  • Brook PS4 Fighting board
  • Strap (included free)
  • Acrylic top (included free but not installed)


Dimensions (approximate): 11.75”x8.75”x2”


Pre-production images shown below. Final images will be added here once all the parts are in. We expect to start shipping on July 11th.


Note: Since Shopify does not have built in pre-order capabilities, when purchasing this pre-order you will be charged at checkout and take delivery when the product ships.