Snack Box V2 - WASD Edition


Introducing our new Snack Box V2 WASD Case! 

Durable, colorful and just the right weight for a fight stick! Modular and easy to maintain, this case will last a very long time. We took what was great about our V1 case and added lots more!

This case is a WASD Keyboard Layout for directional buttons with eight 30mm attack buttons


  • Control buttons to each side!
  • Built in caddy for a Brook board!
  • Non-slip pads included for the bottom panel!
  • Height just 1/8” above the V1 slim but the same room inside as our regular V1!
  • Double layer clear acrylic as an option for the middle so you can simply slide in artwork all around!
  • Easy mod floating panels are now sturdier and will not rattle when loose!
  • New “attachment points” allow for 3-d printing accessories that mount to pre-drilled areas!
  • Aluminum corners!
  • Shatter proof top and bottom!
  • Works with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown buttons and  has a JLF style mount
  • Comes with our internal USB adapter with panel mount USB port (save $)!
  • Can add a carrying strap!
  • Can add plexi top for artwork!
  • Lots of color options!


  • 13.75" wide
  • 9.5" deep
  • 2.25" tall
  • 6 lbs
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Top and bottom made from 1/2" thick shatter-proof HDPE
  • Made with Sanwa in mind, but supports a variety of buttons like Seimitsu , Crown, Gamerfinger
  • Supports Brook boards
  • Modular - sides, cast acrylic, top and bottom can all be individually replaced and come in multiple colors
  • Pics and layout templates can be found in our discord
  • Photoshop artwork templates can be found at

Steps for completing your order:

  1. Pick your case color
  2. Pick the middle layer (clear for side artwork, or a complimentary color)
  3. Add the wiring kit (if needed)
  4. Add the buttons kit that matches your layout (if needed)
  5. Choose whether to have us build and test it for you
  6. Add the PCB (if needed)
  7. Shop the store for add-ons like an acrylic top for artwork or a carrying strap