1/12 Friday  Update: Survey Results

1/12 Friday Update: Survey Results

Happy Friday everyone!

This week we’ve been able to go over your responses and find out what you’d all like to see more of here in the Friday Updates and in the Junkfood Journal as a whole. The number one request was for more product information and tutorials! As such we will do our best to populate the blog here with information on the different PCBs we sell, the functions of the Snackbox MICRO, and everything else related to the items we sell here! The second most requested topic was that of the future of Junkfood Custom Arcades! We have a ton of plans going on behind the scenes of new items and experiences to offer to you all! As we approach the announcements for these be sure to keep an eye here and on our socials including discord for the most updated to date information on where JFCA is headed.  We also noticed a majority of folk wanted more in depth shipping/manufacturing updates and we will see what we can do to improve that here as well in each Friday Update. 

Product tutorials: 

In the weeks to come we will be working on populating the blog here with tutorials including differentiating our PCBs, swapping out switches, changing SOCD/emulation settings, and more. Our goal is to make the MICRO an even more accessible product and to ensure everyone has a solid understanding of how to use their device. As this content rolls out we encourage your feedback in the comments here on the blog or over in our Discord server. This will allow us to keep making content that serves you and remains relevant to the information you desire. 

Future Plans: 

Many people mentioned that they wanted content regarding what’s next for JFCA. Currently we are at work setting things up for the year to come and as such there isn’t a ton we can say now. This past week we forayed into streaming over on Twitch for our first time as a company. We are looking for that to be a more consistent thing going forward. As information becomes available regarding events, restocks, new products, etc you expect to find out here, over on Discord, and on our socials much like you have already in the past. We deeply appreciate your support and interest in our growth and developments here at JFCA!


This week we finished up the December window and the January window is anticipated to finish assembly and move over into our quality assurance process today. Please keep in mind that due to severe weather, the day will be cut short and we will return next week to complete the QA process and get those builds over to shipping. In an attempt to expedite shipping/processing times, we will be changing the methods of restocks, which is just to say we are working on ways to get your future orders out much quicker than we have to date! Please bear with us as we roll out this new system. 

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