Micro Firmware Update

Firmware update 

This latest Brook firmware is for the M2 PCBs AND original Green PCBs
M2 PS4 board - firmware v1.1.7
M2 PS5 board - firmware v1.2.2
M2 LITE board - firmware v1.1.1
(There is functionally no difference between the Green boards, but there are 2 separate version numbers.)
Green PCB gold pad: 1.6.0b
Green PCB silver pad: 1.2.1 BETA

This update is part of a two step process for M2 PCBs.

It adds support to the M2 PCB for multiple SOCD options.
To completely enable these features you may also need to update the associated JFA firmware through our JF Connect app.

M2 Boards Only
Hold for 3 seconds while plugging in:
- Hold "Left" for default SOCD (L+R=N, U+D=U)
- Hold "Down" for 2ip
- Hold "Right" for SOCD off (Some issues on Windows right now, working on it. Consoles are fine.)
- Hold "Up" for Capcom/SOCD neutral.
Note: If you do not hold anything the previously selected option will light up for a few seconds and that is what you will have for that play session.

Green PCBs
Hold for 3 seconds while plugging in:
- Hold "Left" for default SOCD (L+R=N, U+D=U)
- Hold "Up" for Capcom/SOCD neutral.

To flash your Micro, make sure the Micro is unplugged. Download the above firmware update to your PC, unzip it completely to a new folder and then run the included EXE from that folder.

Once the installer appears on the screen, hold the "HOME" and "SELECT" buttons while plugging in your Micro. Click "start" on the update tool and wait for the update to finish.

ONLY Flash your Snack Box Micro with this update, not any other sticks.

NEVER flash your micro with a firmware that does not come from our website. The Micro has a custom firmware. If you have any questions once you get your micro in the coming days, just post them in our discord.