Micro Firmware Update

Issue fixed in this update:

On the micro, the option button + a directional input instantly switches the input type between left stick, d-pad and right stick. This update adds a 3 second delay to prevent accidental swapping.

Firmware update

To flash your Micro, make sure the Micro is unplugged. Download the above firmware update to your PC, unzip it to a new folder and then run the included EXE.

Once the installer appears on the screen, hold the "HOME" and "SELECT" buttons while plugging in your Micro. Click "start" and wait for the update to finish.

ONLY Flash your Snack Box Micro with this update, not any other sticks.

NEVER flash your micro with a firmware that does not come from our website. The micro has a custom firmware. If you have any questions once you get your micro in the coming days, just post them in our discord.