1/26 Friday Update

1/26 Friday Update

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week we have exciting news from a couple of our partners and some big news from right here in the shop! 

iBUYPOWER Pre-Orders are Live!

You may already be familiar with our friends over at iBUYPOWER. They’re experts in gaming PC’s and Laptops, a great source for those of you looking to try out PC gaming with prebuilt and custom build options! Together we and iBUYPOWER have created a custom micro that you can only get on their site! This build features exclusive artwork, JFA exclusive Kailh amber switches, and an  iBP Exclusive acrylic charm and holographic art insert. Pre-orders are open now and set to ship this coming February! This first run is limited so be sure to get your order in while you still can!



M-Gaming Japan MICRO Giveaway!

M-Gaming in Japan is hosting a Snackbox Micro giveaway that runs until January 29th. YOu can enter to win that MICRO on their Twitter/X account @mgaming_jp. The winner will receive an Artwork Snackbox MICRO with artwork preinstalled!


The MICRO XL Artwork Edition is Here!

The past few weeks we’ve been hinting at something big! The Artwork XL is here! Many of you over in our discord have asked for it and we’ve spent a ton of time here in the shop getting the details just right to give you the opportunity to have your favorite artwork displayed right on your XL! Pre-orders for the first ever batch of Artwork XL cases and Full builds of the MICRO XL Artwork Edition will open February 1st at noon est!





We’re also shifting towards getting restocks of the MICRO line of products to occur every Friday around noon. This will ensure a constant supply is kept up on the site for purchase and less time spent being out of stock! We hope to be able to offer quicker processing times on these orders as we move into this new format. Please bear with us as we work through this transition to offer you all a more convenient shopping experience. 

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