Quick update this week. Check our previous Friday Updates for more details, and make sure to scroll down to "other stuff!"

Micro Stuff

A new Snackbox Micro window has been added for the week of November 7th!  

Just a reminder, purple key caps will be on the site at the end of August! These will be sold as a set of colored face caps as well as option inputs. They are the same smooth injection molded caps. As more colors arrive to us they will be added to the site afterwards, and we have plans to have an option for customs sets so you can mix and match colors.

V2 Stuff

Orange, Green, and Purple are back in stock!

Be sure to keep an eye on our twitter @Junkfoodarcades today, for fightstick friday we will be showing a prototype of a thick clear bottom for the v2. Interact if you like it, we may just add it to the site if y'all are interested!

We are continuing to work on outstanding orders and doing our best to shorten the lead time. Still having a few issues with supply shortages but we will persevere! 

Still working on the magnetic bottom that was teased in the last update. This would be a v2 bottom panel that offers super quick and easy access to the inside of your build, so less worrying about dismantling and more access to swapping boards and such. 

Other Stuff

Super fun stuff in the works, today we are filming a commercial! This will be shown at events we attend in the fall/winter, so be sure to keep up with our socials to see what we have planned and where we'll be. Come meet up with the team!

We just got a new camera! Lots of plans to stream behind the scenes footage of the shop and all our processes. More on this soon!

We have two new engineering interns coming in from the local highschool! They obviously love fighting games as much as we do. We are super excited to have them join the team to offer us new perspectives, ideas, and give us a chance to show some kids all the ins and outs of junkfood. We can't wait to introduce them! 

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