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We can finally share more about the long awaited artwork case! If you're in our discord (which you totally should be) then you know how long and hard we've been working on this thing and are so excited that we are getting so close to releasing it. You also got to see these awesome pictures early! The art work case will be a new injection molded housing for existing micro owners to move their micro guts into (which is very easy to do, so don't sweat it!) Below is a picture of our prototype. On the right is the housing for the pcb, key caps, switches and stuff. (the Junk Food logo will be covered by your artwork and offers space for the board on the pcb, but is still being tweaked and might change). On the right is what holds in your artwork, very similar to the acrylic tops we offer for the V2. It just snaps right into the housing with those little inserts you see on the corners. This means that you can swap artwork very easily, without having to take out key caps or switches or anything! Pretty sweet right???


We are already working on micro cases for august and can't wait for y'all to get them in your hands! We are planning for some special events through the end of the year that we will share more about soon! Be sure to follow us on twitter and join our discord for all the updates on all the things.

V2 Stuff

If you were lucky enough to snag a UFB-UP5, which is the upgrade board for ps5 compatibility, they will be shipping out soon! Obviously these are a hot commodity and brand spankin' new, so we aren't sure when we will have more stock of them just yet. But we're working on it!

If you haven't already, check out the WASD layout that's our most recent product drop on our website. Join the discord and let us know what keycap colors y'all want to see!

Our resident artist and team member sammychu has been working on a super cool video about painting directly onto your acrylic top that should be ready to share next friday! Doing so allows you to paint things like your favorite characters and swap out the artwork behind them which looks awesome!

Other Stuff

We have a new mac-daddy CNC machine on the way! This will allow us to cut way more material in a shorter time frame, which we are super excited about. The CNC machine is the first step of the micro and V2 production processes, and the only step not done by hand, so we are looking forward to having a fancy additional machine to push the process along!

Blog post will be up later today sharing some deets about new faces joining the junk food team!




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