Micro Stuff

August micro orders! We have about half the orders made and ready to start shipping out on Monday. The team will work diligently all next week to wrap up the rest and they should be all out the door by the weekend!

Mark your calendars for next saturday! We will be dropping an injection molded polycarbonate artwork case for pre-order! These cases are extremely tough and durable. Additionally since they are injection molded, they are the definition of precise and crystal clear. Check last week's update for more details of how the case works and to see pictures of the prototype (before it was finalized). We will offer a special bundle with injection molded CONVEX key caps! We are in the process of sending the artwork template to focus attack, so while this is a pre-order you can work on your art while you wait!

Purple caps are live in the store! These key caps are still concave, but they are smooth as can be and gorgeous. These are only the first of our colored caps, so if you aren't into purple don't worry more are on the way!

V2 Stuff

Our sanwa shipment came in! Black, white, and new light blue caps are available on the site!!

We are working on a magnetic bottom, we have made some changes to how we plan for it to work and are hopefully making it even more accessible. We also have some other neat options coming soon that I can't share quite yet! 

In addition to the magnetic bottom, we have some friends of the Junk Food fam (that you probably see often in the discord) working on some 3-D printed attachments that will be ready to share soon, so be on the lookout for those!

We are adding a mount location on the top panel for the Brook UP5 add on board. This will ensure clean and secure mounting for this awesome upgrade!

We have additional sanwa button colors coming in, let us know what you'd like to see! We love hearing from y'all so we can make sure everyone's builds are as custom and personalized as can be! 

Other Stuff

We have a commercial!!! And some crazy things happening this week. Be sure to check the blog post that will be up today (and follow us on twitter/discord as always) to make sure you get a chance to grab one of the very last white micros!

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