Short and Sweet one this week folks!

Micro Stuff

Colored Key Caps are coming in!!! We just received the first color, which is purple!! As the rest of the colors roll in from our supplier we will share pictures, and they should be up on the site by the end of the month. These are the same injection molded caps yall know and love, and will be sold as cap sets with options to mix and match your own color combos! Keep in mind, this is just the first batch. More colors will be added, let us know what you want to see!

The long awaited artwork case is getting closer and closer. It is currently in testing and we should be able to tease some pictures of it this month! This will be a case to put your very own customized artwork on the snackbox micro! 

We have begun preparing everything for the August window and are looking forward to making progress on them! 

V2 Stuff

We are in the process of getting some material and should be able to restock a lot of colors soon! 

We still have a limited number of UFB-PS5 upgrade boards available for preorder! Once these are gone, they will be GONE and hard to find. Go grab one! Reminder, these are only compatible with the UFB from Brook for the V2, not the micro. 

We are working on a new product for the V2; a removable bottom. It is our goal to be among some of the first custom sticks to offer an "easy to open" case. We plan on this being a magnetic system that allows super fast but sturdy access to the inside of your build so you can reach boards and wires very quickly, no unscrewing or meddling. We'll let you know how it goes! 

Other Stuff

Look for a blog post featuring a Staff Spotlight! In the next week we will be having some changes in staff as folks head out for college. We have had an amazing summer together and i'll leave the rest of the sappy words to the blog post because if i type it all here again I (hammytime) might tear up a bit. Cheers to all of y'all out there who are heading off to university and new chapters in life, bring your micros to new adventures! 

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