Friday Update 03/10/2023

Friday Update 03/10/2023

It’s Friday again which means we have another update for you!

This week we want to shine a light on the modular nature of what we do here at JFCA. We create a unique product that allows for a wide variety of customization options! From an array of keycap colors to an assortment of base options we try to provide as many ways as possible for you to make your micro uniquely yours. Last week we highlighted the gallery at which lets users share the many ways they’ve decked out their own personal micros.

Locals News:
We’ve been reviewing applications to the third season of our locals program. We have a large applicant pool and are vetting each one thoroughly. We have limited number of slots so we’re making sure to make selections as carefully as possible. Our applicant pool has become so expansive that our launch date has been pushed back just a bit. You can expect another announcement later this month! We appreciate your excitement and patience with us in this process.

Shipping Update:
Here in the shop our small team has been hard at work finishing our Feb 2023 Artwork and XL batches. As of now, those two batches are fully shipped out. From here we’re shifting gears into fulfilling orders that contain 2022 editions of our products. Please bear with us as we continue to get these out to you, rest assured we’re putting our all into making sure each item that gets sent out goes through our quality assurance process.

Women’s History Month Spotlight:
This week in honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve reached out to SpaceCake, one of our sponsored players, for an interview! For those of you who may not know her yet, here's her introduction: “Hi, I'm Amber, or SpaceCake! I'm a brand ambassador for Junkfood and a content creator with UYU! I've been in the FGC for about 7 years now, and am obsessed with all things Juri, Sanrio and fashion related. When I'm not playing fighting games (which honestly isn't very often unless there's a major coming up or it's warm enough to open up our garage arcade), I can typically be found lost on The Sims or playing with friends on Dead By Daylight.”

In the following interview you’ll get to learn about SpaceCake’s inspirations, anticipated releases, and more!

JFCA: What got you into the FGC specifically?

SpaceCake: I got into the FGC because my fiance was involved/interested in the FGC before I met him. We originally started out playing and competing in Smash but wanted to branch out into other games. He had two Madcatz TE1's and gave me one and helped me customize it. I came into the FGC at the very tail end of Street Fighter 4, literally months before SFV dropped, and fell in love with the character Juri. She was my first piece of fightstick art and now she's going to be featured heavily on my newest Junkfood Snackbox Micro.

JFCA: What game inspired you to start streaming?

SpaceCake: I don't really stream much right now as I've been focusing on other things, but I initially got into streaming by playing Overwatch! I played D.Va primarily so it was a fun little ragefest as a baby streamer.

JFCA: Any advice for those wishing to get into fighting games?

SpaceCake: My advice for those wanting to get into fighting games is to just do it. Ignore tier lists, pick a character that resonates with you and learn from there. Having fun with the games and within the community matters more than being good or great at the games. I'm not a great player, have no intentions of ever striving to be a top player and honestly barely compete, but I have fun with the games I play, love interacting with the community and I don't view losing as a bad thing. I see fighting games as a way to connect with old and new friends and removing the competitive edge from it, for me at least, made fighting games way more fun and enjoyable to me.

JFCA: What impact would you like to leave on the FGC/the gaming community in general?

SpaceCake: I'll never be a -player- that leaves an impact on the FGC/gaming community in general. If I were to leave an impact though, I think it would be due to my attitude and encouraging women to stand up for their right to in these scenes and communities and fight back when people push against them. I've never been afraid of raising my voice when needed and I want others to have the same confidence when faced with opposition.

JFCA: Who/what inspires you to keep creating content in the FGC?

SpaceCake: My list of who inspires me to keep creating content in the FGC is pretty long. My fiance, NoGoodCitizen, is my number one inspiration of course. He's always pushing me to do more and encouraging me to explore what I love and he's such an insanely hard worker himself, especially with his own content. Other people like Saint Cola, RobTV, Deputy Aruuu, and Marine also inspire me. They're all hard workers and grind nonstop to achieve their dreams and never let haters or negative people stand in their way of getting where they want to be.

JFCA: What game releases are you most excited for?

SpaceCakes: I'm very excited for the release of Street Fighter 6! Especially since my girl Juri is in the game right off the bat instead of having to wait ages for her again like in SFV!

JFCA: What is your favorite junkfood product?

SpaceCake: My favorite Junkfood product without a doubt is the Snackbox Micro. I've been obsessed with it since the day I first saw it. It's everything I've always wanted: small, lightweight, ridiculously easy to travel with, fits in almost any purse and major cute!

JFCA: Do you have anything to plug or announce?

SpaceCake: Even though I'm a terribly inconsistent streamer, after EVO Japan I do plan to attempt to get back into the swing of things. People can check me out at!

That’s about it for this week everyone! We want to send a huge thank you to Spacecake for joining us this week. Be sure to check out her twitch channel and other socials! Remember to check back next week for more news and exciting updates!

(Img Credit: SpaceCake_Doll @ Twitter)

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