Friday Update 03/24/2023

Friday Update 03/24/2023

Hi everyone!

This week we’ve been focused primarily on getting 2022 Micro/XL orders sent out to you all along with getting prep work done to prepare for the coming batches. We’ve got some great stuff being worked on behind the scenes that we can’t quite announce just yet but rest assured there will be some exciting updates in the weeks to come! We here at the shop want to thank you for your support and patience with us! 


The 2022 orders have been a major focus this week. Our assembly process may take some time as we pride ourselves on our close attention to detail. Those of us here in the shop have been making a point to have a consistent stream of products moving out the door to get your orders to you as soon as we can without sacrificing the quality of our work. 


Last week in our discord we announced a tentative line of new colors for keycap options! Keep an eye both here in our store and in the announcements channel on our discord for more information on these new customization options! 


Announcements to come in the next couple of weeks!

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