Friday Update 04/14/2023

Friday Update 04/14/2023

Happy Friday everyone!

This week we have a couple updates regarding the SOCD update and the Locals Program.

SOCD Update:

The update is now live and available for use. In order to apply the update to your current Snackbox Micro head over to our Discord and find further instructions on how to apply both halves of the update.

Locals News:

We're excited to announce that season three of the Locals Program has now started! You can all look forward to seeing our partnered Locals being highlighted here! We love being able to give support to the FGC and this program lets us do just that!

Shipping Update:

We are continuing to work on the March 31st batch of Micro. As of end of day today, all Artwork Case versions have been shipped out and we will be finishing the remainder ofthe XL orders next week. We appreciate your patience during this.

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