Friday Update 04/21/2023

Friday Update 04/21/2023

Hello again everyone and welcome to another Friday Update!

This weekend we’ll be at Texas Showdown where you can meet the duo that started it all. Ajaxx and Mr.JFA will be in attendance at the event operating our booth. Feel free to come up and ask questions, try out some of our stuff and become familiar with exactly what it is we do here at Junkfood Custom Arcades and why we do it! Additionally, we want to remind any of you who either missed or forgot, the SOCD update to be in line with CAPCOM’s new ruling is live and ready for download on our discord. This is a two part update from both JFA and Brook. 

Shipping Update: 

We’ve closed out the March window of orders! From here until the 30th we will be conducting preparation work to ensure the next window is built, tested, and shipped in as timely a manner as possible! Thank you all for your continued support and patience with us.

Locals Update: 

Just in case you missed it, Season 3 of our Locals program is live! Featuring locals from all over the United States! We even have a map for those of you trying to find a locals program in your area!

Locals Spotlight!

This is a new section of the Friday update where we’ll shine a light on one of the many Locals Programs we’ve partnered with/sponsored! This week we’re taking a look at Al Dia over in Fort Worth, Texas! They’ve been part of our locals program since season 1 and we’re glad to have them back for this current season! We asked our friends over at Al Dia to give us a brief overview of their program to share with you all and they said, “ Al Día is a gaming venue mainly for fighting games. Our main games are Tekken 7, Smash, KOFXV and Guilty Gear: Strive. We usually host tournaments on Tuesday and Saturday. Once a month, we have a monthly Tekken 7 called Just Us Baddies. We also host online tournaments for beginners called Al Día’s Rookies Tournament.” Those of you looking for a locals program to attend in the Dallas/ North-eastern Texas region be sure to check them out! 

Al Dia runs the following events: 

  • Fire Fist Weekly
  • Just Us Baddies Monthly (Tekken 7)
  • The Big Baddie Regional on July 1st

As always for the most up-to-date information be sure to join our discord and keep an eye on that announcements channel!

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