Friday update 04/28/2023

Friday update 04/28/2023

Hi everyone!
Welcome to another weekly update! This past week we had a blast seeing you all at Texas Showdown! We’re looking forward to seeing more of you at future events! As always we’ve been working hard in the shop getting things prepped and ready for you all.

Shipping update!
We’ve begun shipping the 4/30 window early! Thanks to the hard work of everyone in our shop we managed to get out a number of orders placed for the upcoming window. As always we’ll churn these all out to you just as quickly as we can, while keeping a close eye on the quality and functionality of our work!

New Windows Opening!
We have a new window opening at the end of May for our products! Please note that all MICRO XL’s sold in that window will come as the Black-White-Black option! In other words, there will be no white XLs for purchase during this window. Coming up soon we will have a limited number of 2023 (PS5 compatible) PCBs in store. Please keep an eye on our site and in our discord, we expect the window to open at the end of next week! We have big news on the MICRO Lite this week as we can confirm that it will be back! Also, as a reminder, the MICRO Lite is a more affordable option that supports PC and Switch.

MICRO Firmware Updates
We’ve added flashing and updating PCBs to our production line to ensure the PCBs you all receive from us are updated with the most recent firmware! We do this to ensure your MICRO is ready to use straight out of the box! For those of you with first gen MICROs you can expect the Capcom SOCD fix to come in between the next 1-2 weeks. We thank you for your continued support!
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