Friday Update 05/05/2023

Friday Update 05/05/2023

Happy Friday everyone!

This week marks a huge occasion for Junkfood Custom Arcades as we finish up our remodel! In the weeks to come we should have some exciting news and new ways to engage with you all. 

Shipping Update: We’re continuing to get orders for the 4/30th window sent out to you all! Please bear with us as we return to our usual operating status. We have a new window open! This window is set for May 30th which means that the next batch will begin to ship on the week of the 30th of this month! 
As stated in our last update, the only XL case available for this window will be the Black-White-Black option. 

Update Reminder: If you haven’t already done so, both the JFA and Brook firmware updates are available, head over to our discord for more information. We are updating PCBs as they come in so that anyone ordering new PCBs (including those that come in Snackbox MICRO and MICRO XL orders) from us will receive updated boards, ready to use out of the box! We have the Capcom SOCD fix for the first Gen MICRO PCBs still in the works, to be notified as soon as that is ready head over to our discord. 

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