Friday Update 05/19/2023

Friday Update 05/19/2023

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week we have a bit of a longer post, but it’s worth it!  We’ve got a couple extra hands on deck to help out this summer! This means our productivity will rise even higher. We have a ton of exciting things in the works for the coming months and can’t wait to share them all with you. This week we finished shipping out the April 30th batch of orders and we have started shipping May orders! Given that this window has started shipping during the time we usually use to prep, it may take some time for all the orders to go out,  but we are doing our best to ensure we get this window out to you all as soon as possible to ensure you get your MICROs as close to the Street Fighter 6 release as possible. There is still time to get in on that window! As always, join our discord for more information and access to the most up to date announcements!


Here at JFA our excitement for next gen releases like Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat One had been through the roof! So much so that we decided to pass the excitement onto you all in this giveaway. One lucky person will be selected to win One (1) Playstation 5 and One (1) 2023 MICRO (PS5,XsX, NS, PC) with a one-piece case!  The giveaway will take place over on twitter through Make sure to sign into using either your discord or twitter account. 

The requirements to enter this giveaway are as follows: 

  • Follow @junkfoodarcades on Twitter. 
  • Retweet the giveaway post

You can receive extra entries for things such as 

  • Posting a tweet using the hashtag #JFAGiveaway 
  • Referring a friend!

The giveaway will run from 1pm EST until 1pm EST Monday 5/22, only one person will win and they will be contacted the following tuesday! The winner will be announced by the official JFCA twitter account. 


Today we are restocking a lot of items in our shop! If there’s something you’ve been waiting to get your hands on today’s the day to head over. Our products tend to sell out pretty quickly so don’t hesitate!

  • The MICRO LITE is back in the store right now for $165
  • Empty artwork cases
  • 2023 PCBs (PS5,XsX, NS, PC)
  • 2022 MICRO with Art-Case

Recent Releases: 

We want to remind you all the SF6 Beta is live today. This is a great time to test out your new MICROs and make sure you’re ready for the release this June! Additionally, the trailer for Mortal Kombat 1 dropped yesterday, in its full blood soaked gorey glory! This is slated to release this september. This is a great time to remind you all that our MICRO line of products is PS5 compatible (as long as you are using the most recent 2023 M2 PCB). On top of that we have an SOCD update that’ll allow you to switch between four different SOCD modes, ensuring you’re able to be tournament legal, no matter which system or game! 

We currently offer three different case options: the One Piece Case, the Artwork Case (made to allow users to display a piece of artwork underneath the top plexi!), and the XL case (made for those with bigger hands or just those who prefer more space.). Head over to our site today and pick out whichever is best for you! 

Event Update:

We are planning to bring MICROs to CEO... a portion of those sales will go to Equality Florida

Firmware Updates: 

The SOCD update for the green boards is in its second beta. We hope to have more updates for you on this soon!

Locals Spotlight: Reboot Retrocade Gaming in Macon, GA

This week we got to hear from SirRetro about a Local operating in Macon, GA. They provided this brief summary describing their events, “We normally play the latest Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Smash. We've been around for 5 years now. Lately, we've been expanding to retro FGs like Super Turbo, 3rd Strike, Marvel Vs Capcom, USF4 and KOF 98. And we're working on being more of an outreach community.” With such a wide breadth of games to play this is a great opportunity to get some matches in some of the biggest fighting games out now! SirRetro08 has been a part of our Locals program since the second season and has this to say about the ways JFCA’s support has helped out, “They allowed us to provide more resources to enhance the community's experience.” If you’d like to know more about Reboot Retrocade Gaming check out their twitter, twitch, facebook, and instagram channels!

Reboot Retrocade Gaming has the following events coming up:

  • June 17th - SF6 Only Tournament at 5:30pm
  • August 12th - Reboot's 5th Anniversary Tournament
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