Friday Update 06/09/2023

Friday Update 06/09/2023


Hello again everyone!

It’s been a couple of really busy weeks here in the shop. We’ve nearly finished shipping out the May 30th batch of orders. Our team has grown even more giving us extra help with things like prep work and assembly! 

Event News: 

As promised, this summer we’ve got some great things lined up! If you’re in the area on the 8th of July be sure to come by! We’ll be hosting a tournament right here in our shop! Of course we’ll be running Street fighter 6, we’ll even have the grill going cookin’ up complimentary burgers and hot dogs! Our Street fighter 6 tournament will have a $500 pot bonus with a top 8 payout and the first place winner will receive a JFCA Snackbox MICRO! We’re also offering a group tour that day so you can all see a little bit of how we get things done here at Junkfood Custom Arcades!

Head over to for more information and to register for our SF6 tournament !

We will have a booth at CEO and we’ll have 2023 micros available for purchase! We’re excited to see you all there and to have a great time.Additionally, we’ll have a booth at EVO 2023 in Las Vegas! We’ll have micros there as well! These events will be great chances to meet the team in person and try out the controllers we make.

Woolie x Junkfood!:

We have a new collaboration with Woolieversus! We have two special Woolie edition MICROs live in the shop right now each with their own unique artwork!  

New Brand Ambassadors!:

We also want to take a moment to give a warm welcome to our newest brand ambassadors! @TheBlacktastic, Bobby, is one of three brand ambassadors!  You can find more about him over on twitter at and on his twitch and youtube channels! Next up, we’ve brought HeyTrey into our brand ambassador program! He does a ton for us over in the discord server, always finding ways to improve it for everyone. Be sure to check out his twitch channel!  We’ve also brought Annarf on board! They stream over on twitch as well!

Tech News!:

In collaboration with Brook, we’ve been working on a wireless dongle to allow the Snackbox MICRO to operate over a bluetooth connection! For now, this would require you to supply your own battery to power the MICRO which would then connect to the dongle over a 2.4g connection. You can find more information in this tweet!

We’ve also been working on an app update to add and improve on quality of life features as well as resolve some known issues. This includes adding features like a home screen, an easy way to access help and support communications along with providing a solution to user’s who found themselves stuck at the “fetching data” screen. As always, you can find more information on this coming update such as the specific features to come and the projected release time over on our discord server!

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