Friday Update 07/07

Friday Update 07/07

Happy Friday Everyone! 

We’ve been hard at work this summer and this Friday we have a TON to share with you all! Tomorrow, we’ll be hosting our first ever Junkfood Open House! We’ll be running a Street Fighter 6 tournament and providing tours of our facilities! Next month we’ll see even more of you guys at EVO in Las Vegas!

Junk Food Open House!

Registration for the tournament has officially closed meaning the bracket is FULL! We’re excited to see the turnout tomorrow and to show you all what we do here! We’ll also have complimentary pizza!


We will be at EVO Las Vegas! There are two ways you can get a Micro from our booth. We are offering the option to buy online and pick up at the booth or you can just come up and buy one in person. We will have accessories for your micro at the booth as well! 


Today we’re revealing what we’ve been hinting at for months. A new product line that’ll bring the fight stick gaming experience to a wide variety of games. The SWORL! 

Born out of comments like “I love my MICRO, I wish I could play it on everything!” Many hours have been spent on an exhaustive search for the right implementation – ultimately blending an analog pad, a “fight stick” and a mechanical keyboard. Like a normal gamepad flattened out, you have a DPAD (WASD style), two thumb analog controls and keys for the remaining inputs. By default, the rightmost 8 keys are the same as a MICRO while the 2 additional keys in the middle represent left click and right click (L3 and R3). The SWORL is focused on longevity and customization. It features 3 independent PCBs (1=analog controls, 2=main PCB and 3=USB PCB) making repairs and upgrades faster, cheaper and easier. Chips will be provided by Brook. It will have support for a battery & our wireless dongle. For more information check out this twitter thread!

Those of you visiting our booth at EVO will be the very first to be able to try this new device out! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on this new venture!


We hear you, we’re hard at work figuring out the details for restocks to get as many micros, XLs, etc out to as many of you as we can! Keep in mind we are a pretty small team and we make each and every controller here in our shop by hand. Additionally, make sure to read the entire product page. You can also find this information on our Twitter account here

  • MICRO LITE (PC / NS): LIMITED restock later today in black and clear, shipping quickly – prob within the next 2 weeks 
  • 2022 MICRO (PS4, NS, PC): Restock later today in the new one-piece case colors, shipping in the next 3-4 weeks
  • You can expect a restock of keycaps in familiar and NEW COLORS!
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