Friday Update 2/24/2023

Friday Update 2/24/2023

Happy Friday! We’re glad to announce that we’ll be bringing back the Friday updates! We’ve been working hard in the shop this week and we have a few things we want to let you all in on.

First up, we’ve already began shipping out the Febuary batch of orders! For those of you looking to get some artwork into those brand new artwork cases visit focus attack.

We also released a new color option for the XL Case. Starting today you can purchase one of our very first Black-white-black Micro XL cases. There will be some time before these are restocked so be sure to pick one up while you can! We are also selling the Black-White-Black XL built out with your choice of either a PS4 PCB or just the case.

Thanks to our partnership with Brook, we have extended our warranty from 30 to 90 days giving you all more time to reach out to us for things like warranty repairs and replacements! To do so you just have to head to our discord and see the #Tickets channel for more information.

Reminder, the current batch of PS5 PCBS will be the last chance to get your Micro ready before Street Fighter 6 releases! 

For all our Locals Program partners and prospective partners, the new Locals Program season starts up in March, for any questions about applying to be a part of the new season reach out to @Ajaxx on our discord.

Speaking of our Discord server, we have a couple updates there as well! We’re adding a new suggestions/wishlist channel as we’d love to hear your suggestions for ways we can improve and innovate our product lines! 

We have some exciting brand new prototypes being worked on behind the scenes and can’t wait to do some reveals in the (near?) future!

That’s about it for this week, we’ll see you next friday for the latest JFA updates.

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