3/1 Friday Update

3/1 Friday Update

Happy Friday!

This week in the shop we’ve been working on getting all the parts prepped for the upcoming Micro Artwork XL Case! We also have been preparing parts for the usual stock we carry such as 2023 Micros and Micro Lites in a variety of case options. We let you know a couple weeks ago that we were moving towards a new shipping structure. So far that move has been smooth! Orders are going out much faster than before and stock is refreshed on a near daily basis. As we continue to improve our efficiency there it is important to make sure your orders are set when you place them. As shipping times speed up we will have less time to process change of order and address change requests. Please confirm all your order and address details at check so that we can best serve you on our end. 

Live Streams! 

Some of you may already have noticed but we have been streaming every week over on Tik Tok and Twitch! In each and every stream we have been using iterations of the Snackbox MICRO! Some days we played fighting games such as Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6, others you might catch us playing beat 'em ups and cozy games like Castle Crashers and (potentially) Stardew Valley! We hope these streams are engaging to you all and indicative of the wide breadth of gaming experiences that can be had on the Snackbox MICRO. These streams are also a great way to meet the team here in the shop that prepares each and every one of your orders!

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