Friday Update 3/8!: New Sponsorship, Shop Addition, and Shipping News!

Friday Update 3/8!: New Sponsorship, Shop Addition, and Shipping News!

Hello again and happy Friday!

We're thrilled to unveil some exciting developments this week! Our team has been buzzing with discussions on thrilling partnerships and gearing up for some major events scheduled for later this year. We can hardly contain our excitement to share all that we've been tirelessly working on with all of you. Stay tuned for some thrilling news regarding the eagerly anticipated Snackbox Micro Artwork XL - coming your way next week!

šŸŒŸ Introducing Our Newest Sponsored Player! šŸŒŸ

We're absolutely delighted to announce our collaboration with none other than @Fatalityfalcon! Ever since his electrifying performances in the Smash scene, we've been captivated by his journey through the Street Fighter ranks. It's an honor to extend our support to him, and we eagerly await the incredible heights he'll reach with his Snackbox Micro!

šŸ›ļø Exciting Shop Addition! šŸ›ļø

Get ready for a new, enticing way to experience our offerings here at Junkfood Custom Arcades - introducing the Snackbox Micro Lite Starter Kit! This comprehensive kit features a pre-installed medium metal plate, silencing pads, aĀ  keychain, and a standard right-angle cable. The Micro Lite is tailored for PC gamers and boasts budget-friendly pricing! Keep your eyes peeled for its arrival in our shop very soon.

šŸšš Shipping Update! šŸšš

The much-awaited iBuyPower pre-orders have officially commenced shipping! To all those who've placed orders, expect to receive tracking information in your associated email inboxes shortly. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering support in this collaboration. A massive shoutout to our wonderful friends at iBuyPower for making this collaboration a reality.

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