Friday Update 7/14

Friday Update 7/14

Happy Friday everyone!

This week we wanted to condense a lot of information related to EVO as we get closer and closer. We will have a booth at EVO Las Vegas this August! We also have a limited edition EVO MICRO that will be sold at the event, we have a few different ways for you all to go about acquiring an EVO MICRO. 

Choice #1

Today the EVO MICRO went live on our site! You can order them as a “will call” if you want to buy ahead and pick up at our booth. The EVO MICRO will come built with a 2023 PCB and Artwork case, along with convex keycaps.

In order to pick up at the booth you will need a PRINT-OUT of your order and an ID. Additional items are NOT allowed in this purchase just the 2023 EVO MICRO

Choice #2

Starting on the first day of EVO, you will be able to come to our booth to buy a 2023 EVO MICRO and some accessories if you’d like.

Choice #3

Starting on the first day of EVO (August 4) you will be able to buy an EVO MICRO online. These will BEGIN shipping out on August 31 and may take 2-3 weeks to ship them all out. There is NO option to swap an existing order for one of these.

*The price on these is slightly increased due to licensing and related EVO expenses.

Sworl Preview:

We’ll also be giving guests at our booth a chance to try out the Sworl! This will be the first look at the device and its capabilities. We’re excited to see you check out and to hear what you think!

Restock Information:

Additionally, we just had a major restock of some high demand items, now is a good time to check out the new updated site to see what we have in store. For the most up-to-date news on future restocks please check out our Discord server and our Twitter page. 

We’re selling a new range of case colors including translucent pink, chocolate brown, sky blue, and lavender. These are available as empty cases or fully built MICROs. If buying a fully built MICRO, these come with the stand switches and concave black keycaps. 

We hope to get keycaps restocked in the next couple weeks. We recently had a shipment come in with some new and exciting colors!


Recently we’ve been dedicating time to prepping everything we’ll need at our EVO booth to ship but we’ve also begun shipping out the Woolie MICRO orders! Please bear with us as we strive to get these out to you as quickly and efficiently as we can. 

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Do you have any retail partners in Tokyo/Japan? Trying to pick up a micro, but it’s looking like it will be better to have one shipped to my family and pick it up when I come to visit.


Could any of the products you sell can be shipped to Cananda?

Marilen Recio

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