Friday Update 7/28

Friday Update 7/28

Hello again everyone and Happy Friday!

This week we want to remind you all that next week our discord presence will be lessened due to the bulk of our staff operating our booth at EVO in Las Vegas. We’ll still have staff in the shop building out and shipping out orders. This week we’re letting you know about a coming restock and some details of how our booth will operate this year!


On August 4th we will be opening windows for a few items including: 

  • EVO MICROs (2023 Artwork Case Editions, the art CAN be swapped out)
  • 2023 MICRO XLs (Black--White-Black edition)
  • 2023 One Piece MICRO in various colors!

Accessories are currently TBD so keep an eye on the announcements channel for more information as we get closer to the date.

Evo Booth Details!

Our Booth will be open when the venue opens and our hours may vary each day. At our Evo booth there’s a few different things you can do! We’ll have demo versions of the SWORL for testing, please remember these are very very early builds so the final product may vary somewhat. We’ll also have a repair table and a checkout table for those of you looking to either fix up your MICRO or repair an existing one. If you’re looking to buy, be sure to stop by early as last year we sold out QUICK. We’ll also have a few micro set ups available for those of you who want to try it before you buy! You’ll get a chance to meet some of our amazing staff who are hard at work here getting these things made and sent to you, we’re all excited to meet you and have a great time!

Also! You check out this link to see exactly where we will be in the venue!

*For those of you who order Will-Call MICROS: Please remember to show up on the first day to pick up or your order WILL BE CANCELED & REFUNDED. 

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