Micro Stuff: 

July orders are almost out! After the end of today we will only have about 100 units left to process, so hang tight friends! 

Our October shipping window is officially sold out. We are working diligently with various suppliers to secure additional stock for the future. However, Chipageddon is making it a challenge this year. We will prevail!

We continue to work alongside Brook for plans to accommodate PS5 support on the Snackbox Micro. There is no definitive timeline for this at the moment, but it is a top priority of ours and Brook's.

The artwork case is coming along swimmingly and LayerShift has been awesome through the whole process. The goal is to have these ready in the fall and trust me, they'll be worth the wait!

Colored Micro Key caps are just around the corner, look for those to start popping up on the shop soon- purple should be up in a week or so! The others will follow shortly. We will have about 7 different color options for face and option inputs! This is just their first run- additional colors will be added shortly after. (not all the colors teased in discord will be in the first drop, as we are choosing quality over quantity when it comes to the color matching!) Feel free to comment below suggestions or share them in discord! The colorful caps will be sold in sets just like the injection molded ones, and there will be an option to mix and match colors to personalize your set. 

V2 Stuff:

As of July 31st at Noon EST, we will have the New Brook UFB upgrade kit for PS5 available! These will fly off the shelves, so be on the lookout!

Black material is back in stock! As well as dolphin grey for a limited time. 

The new WASD layout is up on the site and we are so excited about it! New key cap options will become available as we let the people tell us whats' desired. 

We are sitting at a roughly 3-4 week lead-time, however this may vary per order. Dealing with some unexpected shortages and delays from a few suppliers- but we are doing everything we can to stay ahead and try not to let that affect y'all. We appreciate all the patience!!!!

Working on adding an option to customize aluminum corners as well as plexi. This could be done on your full build for you or as a sort of diy-kit if you don't opt for us to assemble your V2. Look for this to show up in a couple weeks! 

Other Stuff:

If you've made it this far i'm sure you've figured it out- We have a blog now! We will aim to make a weekly post as well as make this the home for Friday Updates. Comment below what you'd like to see or tell us in discord, maybe a staff spotlight or behind the scenes at the shop? 

A big chunk of our OG staff is heading out in the next week or two as they move across the southeast when college classes kick back up. Those parting ways will still be in and out of the discord and willing to help however they can, just remotely. However, we have some amazing staff staying local and even new people joining the team so feel free to reach out and communicate with anyone and everyone!

As always- we have secret projects in the works. We love hearing y'alls feedback and are always plotting new things!! 


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