Friday Update 8/11- Evo 2023 Recap!

Friday Update 8/11- Evo 2023 Recap!

Junkfood Booth at Evo

Evo Las Vegas 2023

Hello again everyone! This past weekend we got to see a TON of you at Evo Las Vegas, the biggest offline gaming tournament in history!! Thanks to you all we were able to have an amazing weekend and see some amazing gameplay. We hope everyone that wanted to see it got a chance to try out the brand new SWORL. As of now we’re back to work in the shop getting through orders. Thank you all for your support and belief in this small business. It was deeply humbling seeing just how many of you turned out just to get a look at what we’re cookin’ here at JFCA!


Event Highlights!

Anakin(left), Atl Tekken folk (middle), Genghis D0n (right)We want to give a huge shoutout to Atl locals Anakin(left) and Genghis D0n (right) for their top 5 and top 4 placements in Tekken 7! Not to mention all the other great folks we got to see from our locals here in Atlanta! This is a good time to mention that on August 26th 4o4 Esports will be hosting a $1,000 SF6 tourney! This is a great chance to compete with folk, step up your game, and maybe even win some money! 

Congrats again to @Cyanoticsenku for being the FIRST to defeat Margit, the Fell Omen on the SWORL! 



 Here's a collage of pictures taken at our booth!

Collection of images from our booth at EVO

Shipping Update: 

As we return to the shop and resume assembly at full capacity we’re focused on getting out all of the outstanding Woolie MICRO orders after those we plan to get through the rest of the orders as we can. As always, we appreciate your patience with us in this process.






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