Junkfood Partnership Plans!

This year, we’re taking it back to where it all started…locals. We hope that through this new partner deck, we can do more for the local communities of gamers that started us on our journey. This summer partnership will be between JunkFood and local fighting game organizations from 9 areas including our own : Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico! The organizations themselves will highlighted in the coming week, so be sure to keep up with our twitter and discord to see who we’ve been hanging out with. This affiliate program means Junkfood supporting local tournament organizations and working together on some really exciting things. This will look like collaborative art cases, one of a kind Snack box V2 for every organization to give away, tons of social media sharing and support, as well as some secret benefits that will roll out over the summer. For us, it means working with people like ourselves who are grassroots oriented and want to see the FGC ecosystem evolve. We have always been extremely passionate about the people who use our products and have some fresh ideas on how to give local communities as well as their players the events they deserve. The past few years have been a whirlwind, so it’s time to expand the JunkFood family and cultivate some amazing things. 

Coastal Conquerors https://twitter.com/AheFGC

Combat Champion Series https://twitter.com/CombatGaming_

Al Dia https://twitter.com/aldiafgc

ACP Puerto Rico

Louisiana FGC https://twitter.com/GodlikeLAFGC

Savannah Tekken https://twitter.com/SavannahTekken

Mississippi Gamers Society https://twitter.com/thereal601G

Scruffy CIty FGC https://twitter.com/ScruffyCityFgc

New Challenger Approaching https://twitter.com/NCALiveFGC

Zone Breakers https://twitter.com/ZoneBreakers

4o4 ESports https://twitter.com/4o4esports

Iron Fist Monthly https://twitter.com/ironfistmonthly?s=21&t=-si9D6RR7xJLXQkOvGXZ1A si9D6RR7xJLXQkOvGXZ1A

Oak City ESports https://mobile.twitter.com/oakcityesports


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Hello I run No Blocking on Sundays in Dallas TX. What exactly are you guys offering with this program? I wanted to talk in detail about it.

Joshua Jones

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