JunkFood x Brook x Core-A

JunkFood x Brook x Core-A

Big things happening people! We are more than excited to tell you all about whats happening this weekend. 

Brook and the FGC Core-A Gaming will hold the "Brook Tekken Invitational" tournament in Seoul this Sat night (10pm East coast, 7pm Pacific, 11am KST)! We are co-sponsers!

This event in an online, live streamed Tekken tournament between 8 top players in Korea. They will be competing for a three thousand dollar pot. The entire tournament will be live streamed on twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/coreagaming) and our new commercial will be shown during the stream! 

Brook is running a giveaway contest to win a Tekken FunkoPop! Head to their twitter account for info on how to enter and win!

Guess what!! Tomorrow at 12 pm EST we will be selling a very limited amount of Brook themed built out V2s and Micros! These are possibly some of the very last white micros, maybe ever, so be sure to set your alarms! They feature our new Brook purple caps. The V2s have custom side plexi and UFB-UP5 installed! Check out the pics below! 




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