Snackbox Micro Magic!

Snackbox Micro Magic!

The Micro is evolving! Not going to lie folks, it's been a heck of a year. Between chippagedon, supply shortages, and the struggle to source parts, we have been through a lot. Alas, we prevail! The Snackbox Micro has become a staple at Junk Food Arcades. We are so excited about all the new exciting additions and updates that are all coming so soon. We have finalized the artwork case and it will be available tomorrow for preorder. These will take a bit to ship out, approximately 12 weeks. If you order the new convex caps too, you'll get a discount! While we look to add PS5 support in the second quarter of next year via working with Brook (because they make our custom boards, aka our secret sauce) the artwork case and convex caps are our focus for now. We also have added purple injection molded PBT key caps to the website and have additional new colors coming soon!! 
More on the micro, it's our pride and joy. We absolutely adore seeing pictures of people's micro's on discord and twitter, whether it's a limited edition number chiming in or people using a micro in crazy places like on airplanes, we love to see it. In addition to this, y'all sharing videos of you labbing and playing at home or at tournaments is such a special thing to us. We even once saw Waka Flocka playing on our controllers at 404Esports! From staying at the office until midnight to trim PCBs to counting out 979 Kailh switches for a giveaway, every moment spent on these is undoubtedly worth it. 
All in all, nothing makes the Junk Food fam happier than being able to share our creations with all of you. This is only the beginning!
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Needs a WASD and reverse options.

Eric Lim

What do the old snackbox minis use for a cable (I have one and need a new charge cable)


Really want to scoop up one of these art case Micros before Evo


If only the connector was USB-C.


I would love the option to have certain keys on order, I really want a convex button for the up/jump button!!!


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