EVO - more info


This MICRO has our latest artwork case with hoops for charms and cable management. You can swap the art and install upgrades easily. You do not need to update firmware, you are good to start playing right now. Just hold "K1" while plugging in for PS5 mode.

Concave keycap set - 30

These colorful keycaps are unmatched in feel and are an easy first customization!

Convex keycap set - 36

Looking for a SANWA type feel? These may be just what you wanted

MICRO Bag - 20

A velvety blue bag for your MICRO to celebrate our time here at EVO

MICRO cable - 17

A right angle USBC cable with a little fastener for attaching to the hoops on the MICRO case

 Silencing pads - 12

An easy install that reduces noise. Check out our tutorial videos on our discord!

Keyswitches - 1 each

Choose from three different switch types to customize the feel of your MICRO!

Keychain - 8

What better way to show off the hoops than with a JFA keychain!