Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Snackbox Micro and other products.

Micro FAQ

Please check the date of the window you selected when you placed your order. This date signifies the beginning of the week when this window will ship! This means it may take several days after the date you selected for every single order in the window to roll out, as each product is made and shipped by hand!

This order is a lot like a Kickstarter. Refunds for the Snackbox Micro are not allowed, as we will be using the funds to coordinate among many suppliers with large MOQs and obtain a very large amount of parts and custom services and materials. Join the discord and you'll be able to find someone to buy your spot!

If your order does not contain a Snackbox Micro, then please email orders@junkfoodarcades.com with your order number and reason for refund.

Support for PC / PS3 / PS4 / Switch! PS5 support is "likely but unconfirmed/being worked on by Brook". We won't have more information about PS5 support until at least 2021.

If you are looking for Xbox compatibility, you can purchase a Brook Wingman XB from the 'parts' section of our shop!

International Orders are often subject to additional customs fees. Junkfood Arcades is not responsible for any of these fees as we can not control them in anyway. Customs fees are subject by the country of destination, Canadian customers seem to deal with these the most.

For Canadian Customers: UPS and DHL allow customers to self clear.

You can self-clear the items by collecting some documents and making a trip to your local Customs office. You must wait for the goods to arrive at the warehouse before you can self-clear. The procedures vary slightly in different Customs offices, but in each case a BSO (Border Services Officer) will be there to assist you.

1. The manifest or waybill: the courier company will need to provide this to you. It contains the shipping details of your package. Without this, Customs will not know what to release. You can request the courier company provide your documents by e-mail, although you may have to pick up a hard copy at their facility.
2. The invoice: In order to collect the correct amount of tax on your purchase, Customs will need to see your invoice. They may also potentially ask for proof of payment (i.e. your receipt) to make sure you are declaring the right value.
3. Take these documents to the Customs office closest to the warehouse where your goods are being held. Some Customs offices have computer programs which allow you to rate your own entry. Others will require you to complete Form B15 with an agent’s assistance. You will also be asked for proof of identification. Pay the duties and taxes owing and an agent will stamp your manifest as proof of release from their control.
4. With the stamped copy of your manifest (aka the Customs Delivery Authority), you can return to the courier’s facility. Show them the stamped copy of the manifest and they will hand you your parcel.