PS4 version of the M2 PCB for the Snack Box Micro


While supplies last:

This product is our PS4 version of the Brook M2 PCB. It has a USB-C connector and supports PS4, PS3, Switch, PC and Steam Deck. 

This can be used for current Micro owners to swap into their existing Micro. Visit our discord for a video walkthrough on how easy it is to exchange this into an existing Micro case.

This is designed and built by Brook and uses Brook chips. It supports the following systems and features:

PS3 / PS4 / Switch / Win PC / Steam Deck

With the use of the JF Connect App

Some features of the initial app release for this Micro:
- The ability to change SOCD mode
- The ability to choose any color for your primary and secondary LED color
- The ability to change brightness
- The ability to choose an animation - Single color animations will now use the primary LED color
- The ability to display and update the JFA firmware

These are generally in stock and will ship out quickly. Visit our discord with any questions.

*Don't forget to add a USB-C cable!